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Why Choose Us

We are investing heavily on construction technology!  There is no guess work, approximation, or estimation. All of it is done with machine precision.  From the time we agree with you on a floor plan layout, the state of the art computerized machinery system with the help of our engineer/architect will produce the structural steel design, calculates the materials list and hardware, and creates a quote. Once the quote is accepted, the machine will then form the steel and cuts every piece to a mm precision.  No Guess Work!


Our Vision

We offer a full turn-key,  end-to-end construction experience. We use your architect's designs or ours. That, to a certain extent sums up your involvement in the building process. The rest is on us! Picking out the finishes is on you!

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Mr. Jamel Boualem


With 30 plus years of business experience, Jamel leads the company.

Moved from the USA to Belize in 2011 where he started the company and has since developed several projects.

Jamel’s frustration with the slow, in-efficient , dated,  and expensive concrete building process led to his vision of introducing the LGS building method to Belize; It has been years in the making.  He knew that...


Quote “When home building process meets technology, the result will be a staggering success for all involved.”

Email :

Tel : +501 615-0780  BZ    678-439-9300  US


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Beside being the company’s right hand man, Elder is the in-house Architect and structural engineer.

As an industry veteran with deep roots in Belize, Elder enjoys a great reputation and admiration from his peers.


Floor plan design, Architectural & structural design, and CBA permitting are some Elder’s work portfolio.

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Marketing Director

If we met you and are subsequently building for you, chances are we owe the pleasure to Henry. He is the company’s sales and marketing  department head.

Henry is the face of the company and most likely your initial contact.

He is a USA university graduate and Belizean raised which affords him a deep knowledge of how to navigate the local do’s and don'ts.


Please reach out to him for all and any inquiries about building  or any Real Estate questions you might have.


Email :   Tel : +501 615-4809


General Foreman

With 20 years of experience in the construction industry, Marvin will lead the crew who will physically build your house.

As the company’s general foreman, Marvin oversees all the crews on all the job sites.


Running a tight ship is Marvin’s directive. Job site tidiness, personnel and transportation are all within his scope of work.


Finishes Specialist

We are very fortunate to have Jake relocate from Canada to Belize.

Jake has joined our team and we are looking forward to working with him.

Jake’s experience extends over several decades. Along the way, he managed to excel at most aspects of home building  Among his contributions to the industry, he has patented a proprietary system that uses helical screws which will allow us to securely build on any type of land surface without having to use the cumbersome pile-ins at an exorbitant cost to reach a bedrock depth.


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