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Step 4:  Insulation


One of the most, if not the most important aspect of building a house is the insulation. The materials used to build a house greatly and directly affect the interior temperatures of a house. Poor or lack of good insulation compounds the problem and will in turn affect your quality of life and your power consumption.

Our insulation system

Unlike other means of  house framing, he LGS structure is the only method that can afford you this very unique and highly effective insulation method. Once the steel structure is up, the exterior and interior walls are cladded with panels that are attached to the LGS studs. This leaves four inches  of space in between that we fill with aerated Concrete also known as Cellular lightweight concrete or CLC. It is regular cement mixed with specially formulated additives to turn the concrete into the best R rated insulation, honeycomb like shape. It hermitically seals the entire house in one monolithic space. 

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