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Step 1:  Floor Plan

We can use your floor plan or pick one of ours

Just as the first brick in wall tends to determine how straight the wall is going to be, so does a well planned floor plan in determining how well a newly constructed house will tun out. A floor plan literally dictates the size of the house, its flow, its aeration, its lighting and its exterior views, just to mention a few things.  In other words, a well designed floor plan ensures your comfort and greatly enhances your quality of life.

Our Architectural department is headed by Elder Carrillo, a native of Belize. Elder himself is an architect and a structural Engineer.

Needless to say that if you entrust us with the initial design of your structure,  we are well equipped with both knowledge and experience to help you design your house  as you envision it and or tell you what may  or may not work in Belize’s varied terrains and landscape.


Should you chose to bring your own design from your architecture, we will work with that as well.

Here is an example of a ground and second floor plan of a house we are building right now in Placencia, Belize. We will use this plan to walk you thru the build process all the way to the finished product.

A1-Villa Ground Floor.jpg
A2-Villa 2nd Floor.jpg
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